AFM® Glass Filter Media

Waste water treatment. AFM® glass filters are effective in removing suspended solids from water. The filtration medium consists of several filter layers, each of which uses four different filter grain sizes, so the smaller the filter medium, the more efficient the filtration.

Application of glass filter media

  • Prepare water for coolant
  • Waste water treatment
  • Produce drinking water
  • Always filter the water in the swimming pool to be clear and inviting
  • Filter the water thoroughly before entering the membrane system
  • Remove iron rust in water
  • Remove suspended solids from water

When the water filtration starts to clog and the water flow slows down. The water flow is reversed and the water strength is increased to push the dirt that clogs the water flow due to filtration. This procedure is called Backwash

Cleaning time depends on the following factors :

  • The strength of the output water flows slowly after filtration
  • Filtering frequency

Working of glass filters

Glass filter media or glass water filter media Use a charge system to filter water. The water is slowly filtered from impurities through a filtered glass. Glass filter media can filter germs. Prepare the water for further filtration. Used as a filter for a water recirculation system. water from irrigation Water from reservoirs and groundwater or even rinsing with dirty water

Backwashing of glass filter media

When the glass filter element reaches the level that needs to be cleaned or the water flows slowly as more sediment from the filter starts The glass filter media is automatically backwashed in the filter tank to remove impurities. stuck on the filter, the glass fell off to keep the glass filter clean Always available Thanks to the unique material of AFM®, the residue is completely removed. not left behind like a sand filter or other types of filters, thus ensuring that the filtration of the AFM® glass filter is always effective to keep the water clean.

Selection of filter granules size

Glass filter media are available in four sizes: No. 0, 1, 2 and 3. The choice of granule size depends on the form and filtration requirements if the highest filtration is required, such as pre-filtering. UV filtration at a lower water velocity can be used with No. 0 glass filtration media, available in sizes 0.25 mm to 0.8 mm.

AFM® grade 0

AFM® Activated Filter Media, High quality glass filter

AFM® grade 1 ng

AFM® Activated Filter, 15 years, 1 micron, efficiency, Activated

AFM® grade 2 ng

Replacement for sand, Reduces chlorine consumption, Filtering water, micron

AFM® grade 3

When the glass filter media is small The filtering efficiency will be very fine. But the speed of the water will slow down as well. And when the size of the filter granules are smaller, it can easily become clogged, requiring frequent backwashing. to prevent the water from flowing more slowly Because of the clogging of the filtered sludge, it should be backwashed regularly. Another advantage of glass filters is that the smaller they are, the lighter they are, the cleaner they are washed.

Glass filter maintenance

Periodically check the amount of glass filter media in the water filter tank for water purification. If the filter clumps, comes off, or needs frequent backwashing. Replace the glass filter with a new one. And you need to make sure you always check the glass filter media.