Difference of substance water filter

How is AFM® better than other filters?

Can filter bacteria causes of various diseases

Difference of substance water filter AFM® can filters Vibrio Cholera bacteria that cause cholera, Cryptosporidium parasites which cause Diarrhea, filter protozoa Giardia that can cause acute and chronic diarrhea. including heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, chrome.

Vibrio Cholera

filter vibrio cholera

It is a bacteria that causes disease, cholera, or hemorrhoids.


filter cryptosporidium, difference of water filter substance

Coccidia parasites or protozoa that live in The normal intestines cause diarrhea.


filter protozoa

Is a type of protozoa, When it enters the body, it causes an infection in the small intestine. can become acute and chronic diarrhea

Bio-resistance filter material, use in place of zeolite sand or crushed glass. Available in 4 sizes
Increased efficiency when working together. It has a surface area up to 300 times higher than sand to absorb finer particles and also do not need to change the filter for up to 15 years

Comparison table How are AFM® filters better than other filters?

Picture filter vibrio cholera
Filter granules size There are many sizes to choose from. Porous, rough surface. 1 size available, porous, rough surface There are many sizes to choose from. Non-porous, smooth, smooth surface. There are 4 sizes to choose from. Non-porous, smooth, smooth surface.
Weight Heavy weight Light weight Light weight Light weight
Filter Resolution 30-40 micron 3 micron 15 micron 1 micron for AFM® grade 0
and can filter up to 0.1 microns when used with APF® and Static Mixer
Advantages Easy to buy
  • Able to absorb ammonium ions (Ammonium ions) in water
  • Can capture positive charge (Cation Exchange)
  • Easy Backwash
  • Use less backwash time
  • Long service life
  • Produced to have a molecule as *** Molecular Sieve catalytic filter media or to have a small molecular structure.
  • Can filter Vibrio Cholera bacteria, parasites such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, as well as heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, chromium.
  • High negative zeta potential
  • It only takes 3-5 minutes to backwash
  • Rejuvenation is not required (Regenerate)
  • Can remove more than 95% organic, inorganic and phosphate
  • AFM® is a cationic filter which accelerates the coagulants of iron, aluminum and positive charge which aids in coagulation. (Flocculants) of steel and aluminum
  • Frequent backwashing is required.
  • Each backwash takes 10-20 minutes.
  • Losing a lot of water with Backwash
  • Short service life
  • Once the ammonium ion ** has been absorbed until softened, it must be regenerated, otherwise the filtration efficiency will be reduced.
  • In the backwash, white dust may occur from the friction of the filter granules. Must be washed (Rinse) thoroughly before use.
  • Need to use saline to regenerate condition takes 6-12 hours per time.
Lifetime 1-2 years About 5 years  4-6 years 15 years
Price Cheap price Moderate price Moderate price Slightly more expensive than other filters

Molecular Sieve

The spongy structure is arranged in an orderly manner. act for molecules small, passable while larger molecules are impermeable


  1. 1. It’s a simple technology. It also does not require any other chemicals. to help in separating the water Therefore, there is no need to consider the disposal of waste.
    2. It has a high adsorption capacity even at relatively high temperatures.
    3. It can be adsorbed without changing the composition of the liquid.
    4. Absorbs even very low water concentrations
    5. long service life
Difference of substance water filter, filter cryptosporidium, filter vibrio cholera, filter bacteria, filter protozoa