Glass filters for swimming pools

Glass filters for swimming pools with clear and clean water through the AFM® filtration process, will help to reduce the amount of chorine and protect you from skin irritation and organic matter that lives in the water, with its service life-span of 15 years, AFM® Glass filter has high filtering efficiency up to 1 micron and filters 40 times better than sand.

Chorine + Chloramine + Trichloramines

AFM® Glass Filter is the best filter in the world and if it is co-filtering with APF®, the result of water would become even more purified. The APF® is a multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant that removes pollutants from solution and flocculates fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, into large particles that are easily removed by AFM® (Activated Filter Media). APF® contains NoPhos and helps to reduce phosphate, mosses and bacteria so reducing time for cleaning the pools. Also, another helpful substance is ACO® is an Active Catalytic Oxidiser that works by harnessing the natural energy of UV light from the sun to catalyze the formation of free radicals 40% to increase the RedOx potential in the water and reduce the use of chorine to 50%

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Full Filtration System and No Chorine for Swimming Pools

  1. Water in the pool will be pumped out for treatment
  2. Adjusting the flowrate of water to pH
  3. Sediments will be captured by APF® (ALL POLY FLOC)
  4. Filtering organic matter, bacteria and heavy metals by AFM® (Activated Filter media)
  5. Adding ACO® (Active Catalytic Oxidation) to reduce chorine density
  6. Clean and clear water ready to dive in

The benefits

  • Clean and clear water
  • Reduce chemical usage 50-60%
  • Safe and minimized the Trichloramine and Chloramine density
  • No biofilm, moss and bacteria
clean water

Swimming pools problems and how to fix them

Swimming pools water turned green

Water turned green in swimming pool because the lacking of certain chemical treatment or lacking of maintenance, so that causes the spreading of mosses in the water. If left for a long time, it will become more and more green. Solved by adding chlorine to the water. And run the filtration system and recirculate the water longer than usual. Use APF® chemicals to help with sedimentation and use a filter tank with AFM® glass filter to filter the water. Suck up the sediment that falls to the bottom often and wash the filter more often. That’s it. Water. Green will become clear water.

glass filters for swimming pools, Swimming pools water turned green
Swimming pools

Mossy water

Moss occurred because of the irregular maintenance or water is lacking of appropriate chemical treatments, so there was no substance to stop the growing of mosses such as green, yellow or black mosses. The way the solve this problem is to clean the interior of swimming pool, rub off mosses and add the controlling substances for mosses and keep in the level of chorine not go lower that the standard.


For the reasons that water altered colors to different shades such as red or rusted color. The causes normal resulted from water is contaminated with heavy metals for example; iron and zinc. Mostly, it occurred with ground water. The way the fix this problem is by adding metal flocculant, when pouring it into the water must switch off water flowing system as to let the metal sediments to silt and leave it overnight. Next is to pump out the metal sediment out immediately because increased of temperature will cause metal residue floating back and hard to completely pump it out. To fill the water back in after full cleaning is done, should use tap water or water that passed through filtering process.

Swimming pools with clear

Which type of a swimming pool is right for your home?

Before thinking of building a home swimming pool, first we must look for an appropriate ground and check if such selective area has enough space or any obstacles like trees as all these will be the points to determine your swimming pool layout, design and pool system that you need. Ways of building a swimming pool is to plan according your needs if you want a long-length swimming pool then selected Lab Style Pool (well-known Standard style which emphasized on long-length) or other styles that emphasizes on relaxing atmosphere to accommodate to your family member’s needs. After the planning layout and style of a swimming pool, then comes the concern of swimming pool water system.

General swimming pool system normally applied disinfection substances by mixing with chlorine. This actually causes people who have sensitive skin to have allergic reactions or having other infections like irritation to the eyes. Now a days with new technology, the system of disinfection swimming pools becoming more easier, faster, safer for swimming lovers. System such as an “non-chlorine pool system”, where the water treatment system works by using AFM glass filter to filter the water and use natural salt disinfects swimming pools. The water in the pool does not have the pungent smell of chlorine. Do not irritate the children’s skin. And also add moisture to the skin as well. Thus, ensuring that it is safe for children’s skin and eyes.
Swimming pools

How to look after a swimming pool? Is it difficult?

Taking care of a swimming pool is the same as cleaning our own house and is not as difficult as you think, just keep it clean, clear out leaves or other things in the pool and clean the water troughs around the pool, unclogging and sucking sediment under the pool every day. This includes measuring the pH in the water and keeping the filter in good working condition.

To make the water in swimming pool of our house clean and safe to use and also to reduce the cost of swimming pool care. We should choose a good water filter such as AFM® glass filter media, AFM® is the water filter which made of top-grade glass from Switzerland. it has high filtration efficiency which makes contaminated water clear, clean and free from harmful radicals. Further, always clean or choose a swimming pool builder company with good after-sales service.

How to keep the swimming pool in the house clean and clear

The most important issues of selecting the right filtering substance that can generate clear and clean water in the swimming pool are:

  1. Using a good quality water filter, such as AFM® glass filter.
  2. Always Checking the chemical level in the swimming pool (chlorine, salt) and pH in the pool always.
  3. The proper pH level of the water in the swimming pool. should be between 7.2-7.8
If the water quality is checked and it meets the standards, the pool water is clean and safe for pool user, however, we should not overlook the values of chemistry (chlorine, salt) and pH of the water in the pool, for better water quality, we should check the chemical value and pH of the pool regularly, every week or during the period of high-low frequency of people who come to use the pool.
 clean water

When building a swimming pool in the house, what should be considered ?

How great would it be if we had a private pool in our house? When the weather is hot, you don’t have to travel long distances that are crowded. You can swim to cool off in your private pool.

If you want a swimming pool, which one should you choose ?

Anyone who is thinking of build a swimming pool that is suitable for their need, including the budget for the construction, let’s get to know the basics of the pool structure

Afm® glass media

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