Conditions for exchange or return products

Please read the information of terms and conditions for the return and replacement of products carefully before placing an order.

Conditions for exchange, Conditions for return

Conditions for exchange/return

We reserved the right not to take the return of products in any case, Except a replacement for the events such as:

  1. The product is not correct according to the customer’s order.
  2. Delivering of wrong model, color or size to the customer
  3. Ship items that are defective, damaged and unusable. (Customers must keep the product with proof of purchase)
  4. Customers will receive a replacement within 7 days after the customer reported the products problem. If it exceeds that 7 days limit, the company reserves the rights not to replace the products.

Refund conditions

  1. In the event that the company is unable to find a product to replace or replace the original product that the customer has ordered
  2. In the event that the product is damaged by the company or the product is out of stock
  3. In the case of requesting a refund, customers are required to send a copy of their bank accounts information for the company to proceed with the payment of cash back into the customers’ account. The process takes about 3 business days and the company will notify the customer when the refund has been paid.

Order Cancellation

  1. In the event that a deposit is paid for the product, after 7 days when the order is cancelled. The company reserves the rights not to refund the deposit


  1. Shipping process takes 2 business days
  2. The company will start counting the delivery period only after receiving proof of payment in full from you
  3. Shipping time is an estimate based on the carrier company. There may be discrepancies in each destination and the situation at that time

Other shipping fee surcharges

Other extra shipping fee surcharges (e.g., COD, Local Cross-Island) may occur in the events such as:

  • There could be an COD or Local Cross-island delivery fees surcharges requested by shipping companies for (customers’ whose offices, companies, project-sites or homes are located on outlined Islands)

When placing an order, customers are required to inform our sales team of their shipping destinations (Outlined Island), so we can help to arrange the right shipment for you.