How many types of water purifiers are there and how to choose which type is suitable for home use?

The differences between a use water purifier and a drinking water filter

Why are there different types of water purifiers and how are they different? What kind of water filter should we choose? So today will introduce and explain about water filters and the selection of applications that are suitable for each person. Characteristics and general use of water purifiers in the home can be divided into 2 ways:

  1. The water purifier is usually installed between the water meter. (Home water) > Filters for water use > Clean water tanks > Water pumps > respectively. Home use water derived from the first step of water filtration process for purposes such as washing dishes, taking a shower, mopping the floor and laundry.
  2. Even using with tap water to get drinking water, filters are installed next to use water filtration process through water tank > water pump > drinking water filter > drinking water tank > respectively.

From the above explanation, makes it easier for us to visualize the water purifier whether we want to use a water purifier to filter our use water ort drinking water. If you buy drinking water from a nearby drinking water plant or buy it from a store, just install it. “Used water filter” only this should be enough. So, in this topic we will talk about – What does a water filter use first look like, what equipment is involved and how does this type of water filter work?

Type of Filter Tanks

1. Filter tank

water purifiers, drinking water filter

1.1 Stainless steel

Long service life, many decades, highly durable, does not rust, but has a lot of weight.

water purifiers

1.2 Nowadays fiber tanks

Fiber tanks are commonly used because of their light weight, low cost, long service life and cost-effective.

2. Size of the filter tank

Depends on how much water we want to use. If it is a general residence It doesn’t have to be very large.

water purifiers, Auto Control, Manual
Auto Control, Manual vale, drinking water filter

3. Valve (head of the filter tank)

Manual valve, drinking water filter

3.1 Manual

Manual type used for adjusting the filtration working mode, whether it is for filtering, cleaning the filter, releasing water, etc.

Valve Auto Control, drinking water filter

3.2 Auto Control

The Auto Control type is used to adjust the working mode of the filter tank, the same way as Manual type, but with special function which can be programmed and easy to use.

4. Stanner top / bottom

It is a device that is mostly made of plastic, divided into 2 parts.

4.1 The first part

is the “top” stanner that prevents the filter from flowing back out of the filter tank when backwashing

4.2 The second part

is the “bottom” stanner that acts as a sieve below so that the filter substance will not escape with the water during normal filtration.

5. There are many types of water filters to choose from depending on the goals and problems of the water we want to eliminate.

5.1 Sand filter
5.2 Glass filter
5.3 Resin
5.4 Carbon
5.5 Other glasses
5.6 Anthracite

It can be seen that the water filtration system in the home is not really complicated or difficult to use at all, just need to understand the current problem, what kind of filter is needed to solve such issue. The problem is, how much filter media/water flow do you use? It will allow us to have a water filtration system that is suitable for our needs.