Water purifier usage and filter cleaning

This article would like to present about the use of water purifiers that go deeper. For those who already have a water purifier in the house or at work will know that after using the water purifier for a period of time, would see that the water flow is weaker or not flowing at full strength like the first time and also, they might see that the water quality that comes out has been decreased.

From the above, it can be assumed that this may be caused by a clogged filter or the water filter has become too much dirt to adhere to the filter, causing it to not release good quality water as quickly. The cause of filter adhesion or blockage can be caused by a number of reasons, for example, the water entering the filter tank contains too many impurities and does not precipitate or the expiration of the service life of the filter and water filter. Normal filters will only last 1-2 years but in some cases, it may be faulty, such as a broken water line. If the problem is caused by the water filter and the filter is clogged, you must try to solve the problem by washing with the following methods:

  • PP filter, remove the filter and spray water to clean the outside completely, do not use solid items or brushes to rub the filter because it will cause it to tear off easily.
  • Glass water filter, backwashing in 5 minutes without using chemicals.
  • Carbon filter, remove the filter and spray water and clean with a soft brush.
  • Resin filter, use 10% saline of water, such as 1 liter of water, use 100 grams of saline and then bring the filter and the resin type filter to soak and shake the resin to cause friction. This stimulates the self-recovery discharge, doing this for half an hour and washing it with clean water until no salty residue remains. It can be seen that in addition to the service life, we also have to take into account the maintenance throughout the period of usage as well.
filter tap water, safe drinking, purifiers
filter tap water, safe drinking, purifiers

This method of washing will help restore water filters and filters that have clogging problems to work properly. If the filter or water filter has expired, you should buy a new one to replace it to function normally, rather than trying to wash continuously, resulting in reduced filtration efficiency. Alternatively, switch to a water filter with better filter efficiency and longer life, such as a glass water filter for lower costs and better water quality.

Today’s technology has a faster development and this led to the creation of water filters that’s no longer required chemical purification because the filter generator can re-generate the negative ions in itself. So, there is no need to waste time in maintenance, just the backwash is required, wash the filter for only 5 minutes at a time. This filter media is AFM® glass filter media, which is a filter that has a service life up to 15 years.