How confident are you with the quality of drinking water?

Humans need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy, of which importance is the cleanliness of the drinking water quality, but the problem is how do we know if the water we drink is of good quality, pure water and suitable for drinking? Not that having a water filter guarantees that a glass of water is always clean and safe because it depends on many factors. Especially tap water that contains a mixture of chlorine and other chemicals. Therefore, the question arises whether general and non-specialized water purifiers can filter tap water for safe drinking.

Each type of water filter has different properties. For example, water filters that are commonly used to filter tap water are ‘Carbon Filter’ that has the ability to remove color, smell, taste caused by various organic substances such as detergents, pesticides and as well as the chlorine.

However, other water filters such as manganese filters, anthracite filters, resin filters, glass filters or, ceramic filters including sand filter of which all have the ability to filter water but the quality and performance may differ according to their features. Also, it depends on the water supply in that area, how much chlorine or chemicals are added. Each area will have different water quality.

Therefore, if you want to say whether general water purifiers help filter tap water safe to drink or not, you perhaps need to look at the brand and its quality. If the brand is good and suitable for tap water quality, give finer filter performance. Then therefore, the water will be cleaner and safer for sure, but if you choose a bad brand and it’s not suitable for the quality of tap water in that area, chances of drinking contaminated water are very high.

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Better choice for cleaner water

We therefore recommend the use of glass-based water filters such as AFM® glass filters, which are up to 40 times more effective than sand filters, as a pre-treatment for drinking water. Approximately 2 cycles of filtration are required as AFM® filters are highly effective in filtering heavy metals, viruses and bacteria that cause disease. In addition, AFM® filters can remove more than 95% of organic, non-organic and phosphates. This contributes to the quality, clean drinking water and safer.