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How to maintain the filter and how to clean the water filter is important​

Rinse the water filter and all equipment after it has been used for a while. Maintenance is an important consideration as it prolongs the life of those devices. Help save costs without having to pay for new purchases. The filter and water filter itself, too, every user should know how to properly maintain them after a period of time so that they do not need to be replaced often.

How to maintain a good filter and wash the water filter ?

  • If it is a sand filter pattern, it must be washed by reverse method at least 10-15 days/time. At the same time, the outside area should be cleaned every half year.
  • Glass filters have the same filtration pattern as sand filters.
  • Filtration efficiency is 40 times finer than sand filter, including a service life of up to 15 years and back washing takes only 5 minutes.
  • Ceramic filter appliances need to remove the filter and clean it by using ceramic scouring line as a cleaner, helping to reduce clogging of the filter and don’t forget to bring the ceramic filter to boil. Boiling water will help to kill germs before reusing
  • Resin filter appliances must be restored by changing 3 liters of saline every 15-30 days. If left without changing saline, the device will make the water filter worse.
  • Machines with ultraviolet lamps need to be cleaned from the outside of the tube often and always change the lamp when the usage period is over.
  • The activated carbon machine must wash the carbon filter in reverse process, washed until the water is clear, it will make it better to use.

It is certain that taking care of water purifiers, filtering compartment, water tanks in these ways will help to extend the period of use for a longer period of time, as well as help maintaining the quality of drinking water. Each treatment is not time consuming or costly at all, but the results are definitely more useful.

Washing the water filter (backwash)

In terms of water treatment, including water purification and wastewater treatment, backwashing means back-pumping water through a filter media, sometimes including the intermittent use of compressed air. During the process, Backwashing is a form of preventive maintenance so that filters can be reused in a water treatment plant. Backwashing can be an automated process performed by a local programmable logic controller (PLC). The backwash cycle is run after a specified period of time when the filter effluent turbidity is greater than the guideline treatment or when the filter differential pressure exceeds the set value.