What is filtration with RO system ?

Filtration with an RO system, everyone might have heard about this method for quite some time. RO filtration system, which has been popularly used in a process of water filtration. The name may sound familiar, but let’s get to know more about the outstanding features of water filtration with this system. When it’s time to really buy a filtering equipment, you will know how much is suitable for you.
Water filtration with RO system, officially known as Reverse Osmosis, has to go through a thorough filtration system in all 5 stages, consisting of a Sediment Filter, the first filtration. May be used sand or filters made of glass, etc., then follow by a Carbon Filter, which help to absorb color and odor in water, then a Cation Resin Anionic resin will capture limestone in the water in the form of calcium, last stage is Membrane Filter for separating multicomponent liquids and Post Carbon makes the water drinkable.

The outstanding features of choosing this type of water filter are:

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  • Water filtration with Reverse Osmosis filtration system can filter out 99% of impurities.
  • Able to filter out all types of minerals from the water, giving us clean water to drink safely because the water that passes through the RO system will be so purely clean.
  • Helps absorb chlorine odor, eliminates the problem of annoying chlorine odor
  • Helps preventing residues and eliminates various pathogens effectively
  • The RO water filtration system re-filters a variety of chemicals after pre-filtering with sand filter or glass water filter to deliver truly clean and pure water.

If you are one of those who need very clean water, you should choose RO water filtration. We cannot deny that drinking water is the most important element to human body, by getting pure water through RO water filtration system, it will therefore be a great option for the body. When we get clean water into the body, clean water will wash away the dirt in the intestines every time you excrete. Also, water helps the internal organs to function at full efficiency, helping the body to feel refreshed, helping to create Immunity in the body to become stronger and reduces the chances of getting various diseases.