AFM® Kit Set For Tank 10×54 inches (25×138 cm)

3,390.00 ฿

AFM® Glass Filter Set for Filter Tank 10×54 inches (25×138 cm)
Includes AFM® grades 1 ng and 2 ng

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With this AFM® Kit Set, you can filter water that contains particles of 5 microns, which is 8 times more efficient than sand.
According to the test results, AFM® is the most effective glass filter media.
The information confirms that:
AFM® 1 ng can filter up to 96.02% of particles 5 microns in size and compared to sand filters only 72.97%.
Quick and easy to clean, they can be used to filter drinking water, waste water treatment, pool water and many other tasks.
Performance is 8 times longer than conventional sand filters! Long service life 15 years