No Phos – Removes phosphates in water 5L /6 kg.

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Nophos eliminates Phosphates, reduces problems with algae and bacteria.

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Using for Nophos to eliminate Phosphate causing common problems of algae and bacteria

No phos is a natural product, removes phosphates in water. It can be safely used in private swimming pools, public swimming pools, natural Ponds and Fountain. This includes natural ponds, swimming pools and aqua-ponds. Nophos is a positively charged substance which will react with negatively charged phosphate become insoluble particles that can be filtered out with the AFM® glass filter, if these particles are not removed, it will become sediment falling to the bottom of the pool.


  • Removes phosphates, prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. The cause of green moss in the pool
  • Made from natural substances and can be used for both swimming pools and ponds.
  • Helps to make the water clear as it captured sediment in the water, thus it makes the filtration process more efficient

No phos, Removes phosphates
No phos has 3 positive charges and phosphate has 3 negative charges, allowing Nophos to remove phosphate.

How to use

A small amount of No phos is sufficient to remove phosphate from water. 10 ml of Nophos is recommended for removal of 1 gram of phosphate. For example, a 100 m3 pool containing 0.5 ppm phosphate (0.5 g/m3) has a total phosphate of 0.5 g/m3*100 m3 is equal to 50 grams in this pool.

500 ml of NoPhos is required to remove 50 grams of phosphate. In addition, we have a swimming pool phosphate test kit for ease of measurement, however, NoPhos can also be used to prevent phosphate without a probe.

Warning for natural pools, a zero-phosphate removal is not recommended. It is recommended to do the following:

  • For swimming pools and fountains, 0 ppm is recommended.
  • For pools and natural ponds, 0.05 – 0.1 ppm is recommended.

Where can we use Nophos?

can used in private swimming pools
Public swimming pools
Public swimming pool, Phosphate is measured weekly, NoPhos can be added to the pool automatically and continuously with a dosing pump. 1 liter of NoPhos can be diluted with 20 liters of clean water and put into the pool’s piping system at a ratio of 1 ml per 1 m3 of water flowing. For example, the water flow is 100 m3/h, so 100 ml/h of diluted NoPhos will be used, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of use and running a program for phosphate readings each week.

can used in public swimming pools
Private swimming pools
For private pools, NoPhos can be used preventively by injecting it directly into the pool, once a week in the proportion of 1 ml of undiluted NoPhos per 1 m3 of water, for example swimming pools contains water of 80 cubic meters, the 80 ml of NoPhos will be required weekly.
We recommend adding NoPhos to the skimmer or overflow channel as it can lead to high turbidity in a short period of time. The sediment which deposited on the bottom may be normal because of NoPhos operation, if the pool bottom sediment is too green, the Nophos consumption can be increased accordingly.

can used in Natural Ponds
Man-made Ponds or Natural Ponds
NoPhos is the perfect product for man-made ponds and natural ponds. It is applied by dilution in a 1:20 ratio and added to the pool automatically and continuously with a dosing pump before entering the AFM® glass filter media tank. Some remaining phosphate will be filtered by the AFM® glass filter media as it acts as a biofilter, so the Phosphate level measurement is recommended to be checked on regular basis.

can used in Fountain
Nophos and ACO® will help keep your water clean and prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Both of which can work well without a filtration system. Nophos has no disinfectant properties. Therefore, if you want to get rid of germs, you can add chlorine.

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