ACO® Active Catalytic Oxidation 5L/5 kg.

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ACO® (Active Catalytic Oxidizer) is a chlorine enhancer, crystal clear water, advanced environmentally friendly technology. It can be used in outdoor swimming pools as well as salt water swimming pools. There are two benefits as follows:

  1. ACO® increases the germicidal ability of sunlight.
  2. It enhances the oxidation of sunlight by increasing the number of free radicals in water.

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ACO® active catalytic oxidation Is a solution to increase the efficiency of chlorine, making the water clear. ACO® Oxidation Accelerator is an Active Catalytic Oxidizer that works by using the energy of sunlight or UV light to generate free radicals in water in the form of OH- to kill germs. Catches dirt and various chemicals then transformed them into water molecules Carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas, no combined chlorine was produced.

ACO® is not degraded while working, but rather promotes the natural processes of sunlight more efficiently. In addition, ACO® protects from solar chlorine degradation thus prolonging the life of the chlorine. In outdoor pools up to 3 times longer, ACO® acts like cyanuric acid but does not reduce its oxidative capacity and increases water disinfection and increase the efficiency of chlorine.

When you use ACO® Oxidation Accelerator, you get

  • More clear water (Turbidity reduced by up to 50%)
  • Reduce the use of chlorine Synthetic up to 40%
  • Combined chlorine reduced by up to 50%
  • Electrolysis salt has longer service life

How to use ACO® oxidizing accelerator can be used in two ways

1. The easiest way is to pour it directly into the pool:

  • Apply weekly: 1 liter per 100 m3 of pool water volume.
  • Apply monthly: 5 liters per 100 m3 of pool water volume.
  • Apply every 2 months: 5 liters per 50 cubic meters of pool water volume.
    The periods between the insertion, the more often, the better. We recommend weekly.
    For the first time, adding 2 times the recommended amount above.

2. Automatically enter

  • Insert the ACO® with the dosing pump into the pipe behind the filter tank.
  • The amount used is 1 ml per 1 m3 of water, e.g. water flow rate is 5 m3/hour, add ACO® 5 ml/hour.
  • For the first time, pour ACO® directly into the pool. with a ratio of 1 liter per 100 cubic meters of water in the pool

efficiency of chlorine, water clear
Tested and certified
Certified by NSF 50 for use in swimming.
Does not cause any harm in the process of sterilization

What is combined chlorine?

Combined Chlorine (CC) is the chlorine produced when free chlorine reacts with other substances in the water such as germs, bacteria, chloramine and ammonia from sweat or urine.
The standard value of the swimming pool should not exceed 0.2 ppm.

Free chlorine (FC) is free chlorine, it is the most effective chlorine. Conventional measuring instruments measure this value alone.
Total chlorine (TC) is the total chlorine found in water. This is the sum of Free chlorine and Combined Chlorine. The pool standard should be between 1.0-4.0 ppm.

efficiency of chlorine, water clear, ACO®
1 Picture: From the picture, if measuring chlorine in water, it will measure a total of chlorine 5 items that are free chlorine of all 5.
efficiency of chlorine, water clear, ACO®

2 Picture: From the picture, if measuring the chlorine in the water, it will measure a total of chlorine 5 items, there will be 2 free chlorine and 3 Combined Chlorine.

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