complete biological wastewater treatment system

Reduces ammonia, COD, BOD and TSS in a complete biological wastewater treatment system for wastewater from landfills

complete biological wastewater treatment system

Company Name: Stirling Landfill Site – Polmaise
Location: Scotland
Year: 2001
Topic: Leachate treatment from water generated from landfills Fluids that flow through or come out of solid waste. which may contain solutions, suspensions, mixed wastewater from garbage dumps, leachate from garbage, leachate from garbage Highly contaminated wastewater and has acidic conditions seep through or coming out of the landfill There are organic substances, inorganic substances, pathogens and heavy metals. If water from the waste spills contaminates the environment Can cause pollution problems to the surrounding environment, such as leakage into groundwater sources
Goals: Reduce ammonia content, COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) wastewater measurement from chemical wastewater, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) is a measure of wastewater from the water we waste. or from leaf litter and TSS (Total Suspended Solid) all suspended solids in water.
Capacity: 500 cubic meters/day
Water source for treatment: leachate from waste landfills.

Problems encountered:

  • Wastewater from landfills has a high content of organic matter and ammonia.
  • The contaminated wastewater is located near the water source.
  • The oxygen-depleted state creates a nuisance of smell in nearby communities.

Technical solutions:

The process of operation is as follows.

  • Provide nutrients and adjust pH (PH)
  • Use SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor: SBR) as a biological treatment system. Removes organic matter and ammonia effectively. (Each process has different oxygen conditions)
  • Filter the water with the AFM® filter – a glass filter that effectively removes solids and suspended solids. Residual organic matter and minerals
landfills, COD
landfills, COD
landfills, COD


Required Value Before-Treatment After-Treatment
Turbidity (NTU) 5 5 3
Ammonia (PPM) 5 1000 3
COD (PPM) 5000 5000 150
BOD (PPM) 2000 2000 7
TSS (PPM) 1000 1000 5
TOC (PPM) 1000 1000 10
Odor Minimum Minimum

Similar applications

Dryden Aqua aerators and AFM® wastewater filtration systems are also installed for wastewater treatment from landfills. Treat the SBR biological water system as well.

Capacity m3/day COD In mg/L COD Out mg/L Ammonia In mg/L Ammonia Out mg/L
Arden Quarry, UK 200 3000 250 700 < 5
Binn, UK 200 2000 200 800 < 5
Levenseat, Scotland 100 10000 500 2000 < 5
Batlleby, Scotland 30 18 120 1000 < 5