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Public pool. Swimming pool in Perstorp, Sweden uses AFM® to reduce chlorine odor and to improve water quality. And operating costs must also be reduced at the same time.
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Company Name: Municipality of Perstorp
Location: Sweden, Perstorp
Year: 2014
Title: Public swimming pool (3000 cu.m.)
Goal: Improve water and air, reduce operating costs


The commercial swimming pool in Perstorp includes one outdoor pool and one indoor swimming pool. The goal is to reduce chlorine odor and improve water quality and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Operated by:

Full DAISY integration with 24 tons of AFM® and 6 ZPMs APF® and ACO® supplied automatically.

reduce chlorine odor, water quality


  • Reduce the use of chlorine by 30%.
  • 60% less acid consumption
  • Water saving for reverse rinsing 3,000 m3 per year (approximately €15,000).
  • Air quality has greatly improved: “The smell of chlorine is gone. The customer asked if the use of chlorine was discontinued.” BR Lars Ottosen, Manager
  • Return on Investment (ROI) calculated less than 2 years